First Mother’s Day Gift Guide – 27 Realistic Ideas

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If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a first time Mama, look no further! As a new mom myself, this list is filled with ideas any new mom would be so encouraged and blessed by! Not only that, I’ve also asked other young mamas in my life for their input so this list could have varying perspectives and be as helpful as possible.

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Who is this list for?

This list is geared towards first time Mamas, but is filled with things any mom (especially with littles) would enjoy.

Who can give these gifts?

Whether you’re a husband, a friend or a relative there’s something on this list that will make the perfect gift for the new mom in your life. 

What kind of gifts?

I’ve included physical gifts, a couple “experience” gifts, and several free ideas which would be considered “acts of service.” Beyond that, I’ve divided them up into 6 categories:

Wellness for the New Mama
Nourishment for the New Mama
Rest for the New Mama
Motherhood and the New Mama
Community and the New Mama
Fun Extras for the New Mama

Let’s jump right in! 

Wellness for the New Mama

Non-toxic Skincare

Motherhood demands a lot from us and luxurious, clean skincare is a great way to make a new mama feel pampered every day! I highly recommend Toups & Co Skincare. I especially love the Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil and Frankincense Face Balm. I use these almost daily and they always leave my skin feeling so nourished. One big reason I make sure to use non-toxic skin care is because as a nursing mama, what goes in and on my body affects my baby. There is so much peace of mind knowing these products are safe!

Water bottle

Staying hydrated after having a baby is so important and any new mama would love a new water bottle to help get the job done. If she likes stickers, grab a couple for her to fancy up her water bottle! I have this 40oz Hydro Flask and take it everywhere. I love that it can hold so much and it comes in beautiful colors! Bonus points if you get the straw..highly, HIGHLY recommend a straw.

Get outside

Fresh air is always so good for the spirit! This could be sitting outside on a blanket taking in the sun, or going for a little hike! This will all depend on what mama is feeling up to.

Dry shampoo

This one could technically go into the skin care section, but I wanted to give it a special mention. Dry shampoo is a great option when mama is tired and wants to care for her hair without washing it. 

Nourishment for the New Mama

Jar of collagen, slat and spoon on wooden counter


The need for protein in pregnancy and postpartum is so important. Adding collagen has to my nutrition “tool box has been a great way to boost my protein intake. I like to add it to my morning coffee and will sometimes add it to muffins or pancakes as well. I use this Collagen from Perfect Supplements.

High Quality Salt

A good salt is an excellent way to add minerals to your diet and new mamas definitely need this! I personally use and recommend pink Himalayan salt. Redmond Real Salt is an excellent salt if you’re looking for a good place to start.


Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk tea is a wonderful way to support a new mama on her breastfeeding journey. It includes fennel and fenugreek, both herbs that are known to help support a mama’s body during lactation. It has a pleasant taste, especially prepared with a bit of honey.

Freezer meals

Ask any new mama and she will tell you the joys of having meals ready (or mostly ready) in the freezer. Muffins are also a great thing to have stored away in the freezer to pull out for  breakfast or snacks. And this isn’t just for the freshly postpartum mom, a mama with a six month old would appreciate this gift as well! 

Rest for the New Mama

Picture of two books and blanket on a blue armchair

Devotional with short reads

Resting of the mind and heart in this season is so important too. For the Christian mama, a devotional with short passages can be a wonderful way to point her eyes to Christ and slow her heart before the Lord. A couple I would recommend would be:

Massage or Facial

Everyone enjoys being pampered, but especially a new mom who is giving of herself almost every minute of the day and night. A massage or facial is a great way for her to physically relax and release tension of the new demands of motherhood and lack of sleep). 

Nap while baby and kids are played with 

This may be one of the top things every new mom wants…a nap! Maybe take the baby and mama’s other kiddos (if there are any) and do something fun while mom gets some much needed rest. 

Take something off her plate

Every mama’s to-do list is a mile long! Ask the mama in your life what you can take off her plate. Maybe it’s grocery pick-up for the week, taking the dog to the vet or painting the bathroom (or watching the baby while she paints). I’m certain if you ask, she will have something that needs to be done.

Motherhood and the New Mama

Picture of woman holding baby

Baby Carrier

In my opinion this is an absolute must for any mom. Not only is it a great way for mom to bond with and comfort her baby, it is also soooo nice to be able to use both hands while baby is snug as a bug in a rug. I had a wrap carrier for when my baby was little and we also have a structured carrier which we still use today at 13 months postpartum. 

Gift card so mom can pick out baby clothes

A lot of new mamas are so excited to dress their baby in the cutest little outfits. Gift cards are a great way for mom to pick out things she loves and also enables her to fill in the clothing gaps baby may have. 

elastic waist pants

Elastic waist bands are a postpartum mom’s best friend! Bonus points if they’re linen which is great for temperature regulation! The brand “notPerfectLinen” on Etsy has some great options (and some cute dresses too).

Tank tops for breastfeeding ease

These tank tops are a great layering option with just the right amount of stretch. They have enough movement to allow for breastfeeding but also hold their shape well and don’t sag. I have several of these, highly recommend them and plan to get more myself!

Cozy sweaters

Perfect for snuggling up with baby and a cup of coffee on the couch. 

Ember mug

Sometimes it can be hard for a new mom (or any mom) to enjoy her cup of coffee while it’s still hot. This mug is the perfect solution! Not only is the Ember Mug sleek, it has a built-in warmer to keep coffee at whatever temperature you desire. If you know a new mama who can’t stand lukewarm coffee, then this is the perfect gift!

Community and the New Mama

Feather duster, cleaning solution and rags

Cleaning service 

Cleaning the house while also caring for a new baby is a difficult task. One great way to support moms is to gift them a cleaning service. Or perhaps take an hour or two and tackle some cleaning yourself. Make sure to visit with mom for a bit if she’s feeling up to it. 

Staycation with Husband, meal, and movie

Giving a new mom time to relax and connect with her husband is truly a gift. Make a meal, grab a couple movies and drop them off for mom and dad to enjoy. If they have other kiddos and are comfortable with it, take them on an outing or for the evening. 

Mom playdate for coffee

Postpartum can be really isolating. Connecting with other moms can be a great way to foster support and community for the new mom. Get together for coffee or stop by a park…the options are really endless. 

Care for Baby so Mom can have some alone time

Not all moms want this, but there are definitely some that do (and both perspectives are ok). For the mom that would benefit from this, offer to watch her kiddos for a bit while she does whatever she wants to. It may be helpful for her to have time to plan this out so she can decide what she wants to do during that time. 

Fun Extras for the New Mama

Three baskets stacked on each other


Baskets by the bed. Baskets on the counter. Baskets by the changing station. Need I say more? Baskets are a great way to help the new mom stay organized and contain everything that needs to stay contained (ok, maybe not everything, but they sure help). I was given this nesting basket set before my baby was born and it has been so helpful! You can also find really great baskets at thrift stores!

A craft with baby’s handprint, footprint, or picture

Mom’s are often making cute sentimental gifts for baby’s dad and grandparents. Wouldn’t it be so special for mom to receive a sentimental gift of her baby that she doesn’t make herself? This is an adorable option for Mother’s Day, but you can also find lots of ideas on google or pinterest. 

Candid pictures and video of mom and baby

Every mom treasures pictures and videos of her and her (quickly growing) babies. This is such a simple but highly meaningful gift you can give to the mamas in your life.

Audible subscription 

Audio books can be a great tool during the newborn stage and an Audible subscription is an awesome resource! Whether it’s late night feeds or just sitting around watching baby during the afternoon, listening to an audiobook is a great alternative to scrolling social media. 

Books or Kindle

For the moms that love reading, books (or a Kindle) can be another great alternative to scrolling social media during the slow moments of the baby stage.

I hope you’ve found this list to be helpful! I’d love to know in the comments what your favorite idea is and if there’s anything you’d add!

As always with love,


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